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PT. Apollo Asia Multimedia was born at October 2004. In the beginning this company give info to the community. Type of these info are: The Holy Qur'an verses, Imam said, News, busines info, horoscope, joke and praying time alert. These info send with premium sms which is sent 2 times / day regularly.


During the company development, recently PT. Apollo Asia Multimedia focus to develop some applications based on the development of sms technology itself. Starting from the premium sms, then go to broadcast sms where sms is suitable as an effective and efficient tools for your business. How become like this?


Because your advertising is directly go into recipient hand phone. And the power is on the user habit. Because the recipient will never delete the sms without prior read it. This is the power of sms instead of any other media. So that's why it can be guarantee the your advertising sms will be read by them.


Another technology is sms gateway, which enable two ways communication inside organization. This technology is suitable as internal communication of your organization. Because all sms tarif is normal sms tarif, so the user and your organization will not be charged with expensive operation cost. Furthermore kind of info can be two ways direction. This is the power of the sms gateway.


Our client


NOAA Earth Satellite data provider:

As data provider for the point location of burned forest or area, so far this info is transmitted by fax to the related department or NGO. By implementing to the premium sms, then all updated info can be directly send and deliver to the hand phone of user. And every time can be sent if there is any updated info regarding burned forest or area in Riau province.


The election of ITB alumni leader campaign:

With implementing the broadcast sms, so visi and mission from the leader candidate can be socialized fast and directly to all ITB alumni members. Finally with this broadcast sms usage Mr. Hatta Radjasa has been elected as new ITB Alumni leader. With through put 1,000 sms / minute, it enables many hand phone numbers can be served with just one click. And those info directly spread to all ITB alumni members.


Our services


Premium Sms

This is sms with 4 unique digit to serve specific according to the customer requirement. All sms tariff will be charged to the users. With premium price in between Rp. 500 – Rp. 2.000 / sms text. The advantage is with 4 unique digit will be easy to remember and customized, so every requirement can be done.


Broadcast Sms

This is one way sms type, with sender ID as long number or alpha sender ID. Alpha sender ID is more interested because use your company's name. This sms is suitable to be used as advertising to penetrate market to offer your products or services. It can be used in specific community as one way info for all members. All info can be spread and send to all member instantly.


Sms Gateway

With only one infestation on hardware and software, you can implement the two ways communication according to your organization's requirement. The advantage is on the normal sms tariff and two ways sms direction or interactive. So it can reduce the operational cost.


Call us at call center at 021-77206164 or mobile phone 0819-0871-3012 or e-mail to sales[at]apolloasia.com to get more detail info about our services as above mentioned.



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