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Did You Know?
According to the data as per end of December 2009, the number of Telkomsel user is already reach 82 million, Indosat 33.1 million and XL 31.4 million users. Or in total is 146.5 million, if we add with CDMA hand phone users, then the total is more than half of Indonesian population. It describes how big your target market is. More over there will be some new operators come into Indonesian market.

From this data we can say that hand phone users in Indonesia already reach to the corner. More over with the decreasing of interconnection fee, which just have implemented from April 2008, this factor also significantly impact to the penetration of the hand phone usage in Indonesia.

Recently hand phone become personal identity. Because of it's personality, then all info which is reach to their hand phone become personal info too.

Why SMS?
Behavior of user can be said every sms reach their inbox, it will be read. Why become like this? Because hand phone is personal, and psychologically everyone want to become an important person. So any sms coming, that person will open and read it. Even though after that delete it. No need to worry, because the info have been read already. It means your info is already read by users, such as advertising sms or promo sms from your products or services.

Let's compare with another advertising on printed media. Can you guarantee that each person who bought that printed media will read your advertising? There is no guarantee, is not it?

From here we can say that message from sms, directly go into the user's hand phone will be read. And this is the real phenomenon. It's the power of sms media, if we compare with another promo media.


What are we offering?

We are offering three type of sms technologies:

  1. Premium sms

  2. Broadcast sms

  3. Sms gateway


With premium sms, you can implement any kind of services you want with 4 unique digit with premium price. All sms fee will be charged for all users. This communication type can be build with two way with some defined conditions, so this service can be followed. What kind of service is suitable with this type of sms technology?

It can be daily info or up to date, such as news for specific community, or as reminder for you who wants to be reminded with verses from the holy Qur'an. Because it is customize, then all kind of services can be suited according to your requirement.


Broadcast sms is one way sms to many hand phone number. Because of it, therefore this sms type is suitable to be used as promo, or as sms reminder or even more as sms info. The sending time can be scheduled, makes you are free when it will be sent. All sms fee will be charged to the sender, and the recipient will not be charged. Therefore this sms type is very suitable as advertising media to promote your products or services to many people.

With addition that it enables to use the alpha sender-id (sender-id as organization name or your institution). This is become the important selling point to build your brand image of your organization or your institution.


Sms gateway is two ways sms type, with all sms tariff is normal sms tariff according to the operator. Because of it, then this type of sms is very suitable as sms center of your organization or your company. In term to improve the communication quality in among your community members or employee in your company.

Which sms is suitable for your requirement?
To decide and tally with your requirement, following is the comparison table from the 3 type os sms:



Load Tariff


Sender ID

Sender Recipient
Premium 2 ways No Yes 1.000, 2.000-10.000 4 digit number
Broadcast 1 way Yes No Call us Alpha sender ID
Gateway 2 ways Yes No normal sms tariff Normal HP number

From the above table, hope you can get the explanation which type of sms is most suitable with your requirement.



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